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NFW Train on Loop over Lester Mine

The Norfolk & Whey Railroad, also referred to as the NFW after its reporting marks, is a prototype-based freelance model railroad inspired by Norfolk Southern’s Pocahontas Division in the coal country of southern West Virginia. The walk-in style, double-deck layout consumes a majority of the 26-foot by 36-foot basement that houses it.  Construction of the railroad began in 2004 and depicts a freelanced version of the NS mainline from Bluefield, WV to Williamson, WV via Iaeger.  Bluefield and Williamson are each represented by multi-track staging yards.  Iaeger, WV serves as a working classification yard and is located approximately halfway between Bluefield and Williamson. Unlike the prototype, which is double-tracked, this HO scale freelanced version features a single track main with passing sidings in order to provide greater operational interest. The layout also features six branchlines that serve coal mines and various industries. This region of the country features spectacular scenery and difficult terrain. As a result, the layout depicts the effects of this topography on the railroad with frequent curves, aggressive grades, rock-faced cuts, and multiple tunnels.

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Mainline map

The mainline winds through the mountainous terrain of
southern West Virginia.