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Layout History

Photos of main aisle in 2006

A 2006 view shows the main aisle of the layout. Iaeger yard is on the lower deck
on the left.

Tim Hensch's Norfolk & Whey Railroad was founded in the early 2000s. When Tim began planning the layout in late 2003, he knew he wanted to model NS’s Pocahontas division; however, unlike the prototype, he didn’t want a double-track mainline.  For that reason, he decided to freelance.  In the layout development, he chose to create a regional railroad that tied into the Norfolk Southern mainline.  As part of that, he wanted a name that could pay homage to the Norfolk & Western roots of the prototype and yet reflect his personal roots as a Wisconsin native and resident.  After evaluating his options, he settled on the name Norfolk & Whey.  “Whey” was chosen as the “W” to supplant the word “western”, as it is a by-product of the cheese making process, a very common industry found in the dairy state that is Wisconsin.

2010 Operating Session

Following a 2010 operating session, a photo of the group shows
the main aisle with Iaeger yard on the lower left deck.

In late 2003, a track plan was developed by friend Darin Umlauft and construction began in January 2004.  Tim's philosophy is "operations first" and has worked the past several years to create a layout with functionality at the forefront. Following that guideline, he worked to build "bullet-proof" benchwork and excellent trackwork. Ultimately, he was able to hold the first operating session in November 2005. Since that time, he has continued to hold operating sessions--about 6-8 each year--and refine his trackplan to improve operations and increase switching opportunities. Currently, he is beginning scenery and installing Bruce Chubb's C/MRI system along with JMRI software for purposes of mainline signaling and computer-aided dispatching of the railroad.