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Joe building scenery

Joe Russ works with plaster while working on scenery near the tunnel
portal adjacent to Tip Top West.

With the layout focus on getting operations "just right" during the period from November 2006 through 2009, scenery was largely delayed until 2010. Now, beginning in February '10, scenery construction started in the area on the lower level from the east end of Tip Top through Upda to an area near Lester mine and on the upper deck from the bridge near Lester Mine (as seen in the photo on the home page) to the west end of Bull Creek. Currently, with the help of friend, Joe Russ, scenery in this region is proceeding steadily with the intention to get this area near completion by mid-July for the NMRA's 75th Anniversary Convention in Milwaukee.


Tip Top West portal

An "engineer's view" of progress on the same tunnel portal.

A variety of scenery techniques will be used over the course of the layout completion. Methods used will be documented on this website as progress is made. Currently, plaster rock and stone castings are poured to assist with completing the scenes shown on this page. Joe Russ is leading the effort in the areas currently being scenicked.